Our BRIGHT strategy Who we are

Our BRIGHT operational strategy is the compass for all MTNers: it clearly defines the six areas on which we need to focus to build our business sustainably. To ensure delivery of the strategy to the benefit of all our stakeholders, we have established clearly defined initiatives and KPIs for each of the six areas of 'BRIGHT'. We expect these initiatives, which are effective 2018, to support improved top-line growth, EBITDA margins and cash flow over the medium term.

Where we operate and how we performed

To ensure robust operational oversight across our 22 opcos and three ISP businesses, we manage the group as follows: South Africa, Nigeria and the SEAGHA, WECA and MENA regions and their respective underlying operations. The CEOs of South Africa and Nigeria and vice-presidents of each region are members of our executive committee.


In 2017, we reported total revenue of R133 billion** (2016: R148 billion**) and EBITDA of R47 billion** (2016: R41 billion**). We had 217 million# subscribers.

In our contribution graphs we exclude revenue, EBITDA and capex numbers for our joint venture in Iran, disclosing them separately.