Setting the scene - MTN annual report 2015
Determining our strategic path - MTN annual report 2015
Our leadership - MTN annual report 2015
Summarised financial statements - MTN annual report 2015
Appendix: Constant currency - MTN annual report 2015
Notice to annual general meeting - MTN annual report 2015

About this report

This integrated report is MTN Group Limited’s (MTN, the Group or Company) primary communication to shareholders. It is also helpful to other stakeholders interested in MTN’s ability to ensure a sustainable business in the future. It explains who we are, how we are governed, our operating context and how we create value and how we implement our strategy to ensure MTN’s long-term viability and relevance. It also gives our Group performance and prospects.

Scope and boundary

The content of this report addresses key developments and material matters for the period 1 January to 31 December 2014. It provides insight into factors which influence our strategy and determine our strategic priorities. It gives commentary, performance measures and prospects for the Group’s strategy and main operations. Matters we consider most material determine the report’s content. For details on how we define our material issues, and what they are, see 6.