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Our sustainability performance at a glance

Progress against targets
Economic and governance structures

What we said we will do   What we have achieved   What we still need to improve

Conduct an annual reputation review that addresses our expanding Group and harnesses the value of local initiatives and stakeholder engagement processes.  

No progress achieved. New operations to be engaged on reputation management and associated tools.

Suitable interventions and tools for reputation management will be confirmed in 2008.

  Embedding reputation management across all operations.

Expand the use of whistleblowing in the Group.  

There has been limited progress in rolling out to all operations. Group business risk management undertook leading practice research to confirm best strategy for Group-wide implementation of a whistle-blowing programme.

A Group forensic manager has been appointed and will drive implementation of the programme across all operations.

  Confirm best tools for receiving, recording and reporting whistle-blowing for all 21 operations.

MTN South Africa will focus increasingly on enterprise development by fostering a culture of black business support, with specific emphasis on companies owned by black women.  

MTN South Africa exceeded its BEE target of R1,5 billion expenditure in 2007 by achieving R2,08 billion.

The available base of entrepreneurial businesses owned by black women has not increased significantly. Accordingly, MTN has been unable to increase its support of these businesses materially during the year.

  Continue to pursue increased expenditure with companies owned and managed by black women.

What we said we will do   What we have achieved   What we still need to improve

Cement the sustainability management framework; confirm performance indicators and lines of responsibility for operational sustainability reporting and management. Conduct reviews of sustainability framework compliance and performance data gathering.   Group business risk and corporate affairs have investigated international leading practice on sustainability management and will table recommendations to the executive and risk and compliance committees in 2008.  

Ensure thorough Group-wide understanding of the sustainability policy, management framework.

Improve sustainability reporting.

MTN Group will use electronic sustainability data collection tools to improve the quality of data collected and achieve greater and more tangible assurance on sustainability performance.   Data collection tools have not yet had the desired impact due to the lack of progress in identifying dedicated resources to manage and report on sustainability performance at operational levels.  

Secure professional secondments to meet sustainability performance requirements.

Customise data-gathering tools to ensure easy use by our French and Arabic-speaking operations.

Further embed the culture of risk management across operations and refine risk reporting.   Extensive progress has been realised. Group business risk has completed risk assessments of all operating companies. Business risk management units, generating monthly and quarterly reports, have been established.   Further refine and cement the culture of risk management and reporting.

Social performance

What we said we will do   What we have achieved   What we still need to improve

To support the companyís customer-centric focus, MTN South Africa will roll out a diversity management programme to inform its customer-facing activities.   The diversity management training forms part of our more targeted customer-service approach. Improved training has resulted in improvements across the entire operation. This was ratified by our ranking in the Ask Africa Orange Index Survey which named MTN South Africa as the leading customer-service provider in the telecommunications industry.   Continue with diversity management initiatives to ensure good customer service.

Confirm academyís roll out in all other operations, including newly acquired Africa and Middle East operations.  

Informed by the widely dispersed, highly fragmented and decentralised training across Group companies, in 2007.

We commissioned a feasibility study in 2007 to look into the establishment of a corporate learning centre. The outputs of this will inform our way forward.

  Interpret study results and, where possible, implement recommendations.

Extend government relations framework to all operations and generate quarterly status reports.   Operating companies have been engaged on the government relations framework and how this can be reconciled with their strategies.   Assisting operations with limited capacity to implement the framework.

In line with the Groupís customer-centric focus, continue improving call centre response rates across all operations.   Call centre service interventions have resulted in MTN South Africa achieving a positive improvement in its customer service levels from about 36% (prepaid: 43%) in December 2006 to over 82% (prepaid: 73%) in December 2007.   Ensure that customer centricity remains a focus across all operations.

What we said we will do   What we have achieved   What we still need to improve

A group corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy will be adopted in 2007.  

Undertook a comparative multinational company research to confirm best structure for Group-wide CSR management and content of the policy.

Policy in draft phase and targeted for adoption and implementation in 2008.

  Finalise policy and secure adoption and implementation in 2008.

Further align CSR activities and projects with the CSR framework.

Support newly acquired operations in establishing CSR management functions and preparing foundation launches (where appropriate).

  CSR framework has been implemented Group-wide and informs the majority of CSR projects.  

In 2007, nine operations (42%) had established MTN foundations, up from four (19%) at end 2006.

Operations that launched foundations in 2007 are Yemen, Uganda, Ghana, Guinea Bissau and Congo- Brazzaville. Benin launched in February 2008.

Our staff turnover rate target for 2007 is between 5% and 7%.   Staff turnover exceeds the set target, reaching 9,9%.   Ensure that MTN retains scarce skills despite the industry-wide staff turnover trends.

Environmental performance

What we said we will do   What we have achieved   What we still need to improve

Expand the implementation of Cura risk management system across MTN South Africa to track and manage environmental risks and incidents.  

Cura risk management system expanded and used to track safety and health incidents.

System generates statistics and graphs that detail percentage of safety and health incidents.

  Increase Cura risk management system to track hours of disability as a consequence of injuries.

Obtain approval to increase environmental management resource capacity Group-wide.

Improve co-ordination of this requirement for the Group.

Expand the implementation of the Cura environmental risk management system.

  Capacity restrictions have limited any measurable progress including the extension of the Cura environmental management system.   Ensure there is Group-level capacity to embed environmental management and support operations.

Work with business units and other stakeholders to develop a more intensive programme to increase customer awareness of handset recycling and the use of biodegradable cards.   The MTN South Africa environmental management unit routinely sends emails and reminders to staff and clients on handset recycling.   Extend and recruit other MTN operations to establish similar recycling initiatives.

Obtain approval to increase environmental management resource capacity.

Improve co-ordination of this requirement across the Group.

  Capacity restrictions have limited any measurable progress.   Establish Group-level capacity to assist and advise operating companies in environmental management.

EMF health and safety level site agreement to be fully implemented.   Agreement is fully implemented and managed in South Africa and has resulted in a reduction of queries received.   Ensure the agreement is implemented across the Group.