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Our commitments

For MTN, sustainable development is about achieving a responsible balance between economic, environmental and social impacts. It is imperative for a company with MTNís African and Middle Eastern footprint to promote ethical business practices and sound corporate governance. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and to enhance future opportunities for talented and loyal professionals to develop and excel.

In our cross-border expansion, it has been essential to actively integrate diverse cultures while implementing business standards and Group-wide processes. Inherent in this process is a commitment to and celebration of cultural diversity and welcoming unique and innovative approaches to all that we do. This has been particularly evident in the diverse approaches to environmental preservation and social development initiatives in different countries of operation. As far as possible, operations strive to minimise adverse environmental impacts and to maximise their contributions to social and economic development within their local business and communal contexts.

In 2008, the Group will restructure and refine the formal reporting and management structures for sustainability management. To this end, a specialised Group-level resource will be appointed to monitor and report on the sustainability framework and implementation of the sustainability policy. In addition, a monitoring tool will be implemented at Group level to capture and collate electronic data on sustainability management. It is expected that the tool will be rolled out to all MTN operations in 2008 to standardise sustainability reporting and trend evaluation. Sustainability managers will also be appointed at operational unit level to report on tactical sustainability targets and achievements.